Broadcast AM Antenna
Broadcast AM Antenna
Broadcast AM Antenna
Broadcast AM Antenna

Broadcast LPAM Vertical Antenna

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Broadcast AM Antenne

AM Broadcast Band Isotron Antenna

The ISO200-B 1.600-1.799 Khz is the perfect AM Broadcast antenna for all broadcast band AM transmitters up to 300 Watts! There are four models available to cover the entire AM Broadcast Band. Order the model that covers the frequency you will be using. Antennas are factory tuned to your frequency but require minor assembly and adjustment by the customer. Requires NO GROUNDING SYSTEM so it's incredibly easy to install. Includes complete instructions for tuning and use. Antennas are built to order, Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

  • Perfect for Colleges, Community Services, Lower Power Stations 
  • Highway Information, and Radio Station Backup 
  • Unique Series Resonant Design Offers Excellent Efficiency 
  • No Radial System Needed 
  • 50 Ohm Coax-Fed Input 
  • Isotron 200B is FCC Part 15 Compatible (under 10 feet in Length) 
  • Easy Installation 
  • Frequencies Available from 500 Khz. to 1800 Khz. 
  • Very Cost Effective!
  • Delivery in frequency:
  • 1650-1799 Khz 3,04m-1600-1799 Khz 3,04m -1350-1590 Khz 6,09m-650-1354 Khz 8,22m-500-649 Khz 11,58m
  • Call for pricing.
  • Transportbox 2 : 1x 30cmx30cmx28cm 1x 1,00mx15cmx3cm

    Size (H x W x D): 10' x 16" x 15" for model 200B,
    ​20' for model 225, 27' for model 400, and 38' for model 600,
    Bandwidth: 100 Khz,
    Impedance: 50 - 75 ohms,
    Connector: SO-239,
    Freq. Range: 500 - 1799 KHz (In four bands),
    Power Input: 300 watts max. AM,
    Wind Load (sq. feet): 1.69,
    Wind Rating: 85, (140Kmh)
    Pattern: Omni
    Weight: 12lbs

  • Delivery only by Pre-Order,( frequency ??) delivery time 14 days
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