80m Isotron Vertical

80m Isotron Vertical

80m Isotron Vertikaal

80m Isotron Vertical


80m Isotron Vertical Special order only

Size (H x W x D} - 32' x 16" x 15"  (Hoog 82cm x 40cm x 38cm)
Bandwidth - 110 Khz.* 
Impedance - 50-75 ohms 
Freq. Range - 3.500-4.000 Mhz. 
Power Input - 1000 watts PEP** 
Wind Load (sq. feet) - 1.37
Wind Rating - 85 140 KMh
Pattern - Omni 
Weight: 5,4 lbs (2,7Kg)
Transport box 1x :36cm x 36cm x 28cm

*     Bandwidth is within 2:1 SWR.  May vary with environment.
**   300 watt, CW (AM, FM, RTTY, etc.)

Combo 80-40m call for pricing


This is a very common question from those that have not seen the ISOTRONS in action. Even those that have, ask it with amazement. Well, it's not magic.
The ISOTRONS have been developed around specific electrical laws and laws of physics. At times, the eye can be deceived so that something may look like it is against known laws or what we know as practical.
For an antenna to work, it should be electrically resonant. The ISOTRONS are electrically resonant by using only two components - the large coil in series with the capacitive plates of the antennas. (Match comes automatically with the right combination of the two components at resonance). There is more that is necessary for an efficient antenna. An antenna needs a certain amount of area to couple radiation to the atmosphere. Some call this the "Capture Area". However, this is an "AREA". This "area" can be any shape or form. The laws of physics for this phenomenon do not specify its appearance. THE ISOTRONS HAVE THIS RADIATION "AREA". The ISOTRONS exceed or equal (depending upon the model) the area of a conventional one-half wavelength dipole (#12 wire). In simple terms, we designed the ISOTRONS into a three dimensional package.
THE PERFORMANCE - It speaks for itself. Tests have measured the ISOTRONS to transmit as well as a one-half wavelength dipole. The shape of the ISOTRONS give them an excellent advantage for the reduction of noise. The ISOTRONS have been tested at 3db less noise on reception with an equivalent incoming signal as the one-half wavelength dipole. In the six antenna Reviews, one characteristic was definitely distinctive of the ISOTRONS: THE PERFORMANCE. The ISOTRONS were developed around known laws to accomplish an efficient performing antenna in a very convenient package.
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