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ACOM eBOX Remote Control 600-700-1200-2000A

Acom eBox Remote Control
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Acom eBox remote control



ACOM eBox Key Characteristics

  • Remote Control Capabilities via Ethernet

  • Suitable for Use with ACOM 600S, 700S, 1200S and 2000A Power Amplifiers

  • Web-Browser Based User Friendly Interface

ACOM eBox Main Features


eBox is an active Ethernet device which directly integrates ACOM HF power amplifiers to the Ethernet networks. The ACOM eBox is specifically designed and developed for remote control exclusively of the following ACOM HF power amplifiers:

  • ACOM 600S
  • ACOM 700S
  • ACOM 1200S and
  • ACOM 2000A with RCU (remote control unit).
The eBox receives amplifier's specific commands via Ethernet interface and forwards them to the ACOM amplifier.



The administration of the eBox is done via Web-based programming interface specially developed for ACOM amplifiers. You can use any personal computer running any operating system. You just need to run web browser as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari, etc.



Your eBox is always up-to-date due to its integrated function for firmware update. The newest firmware versions are available (usually as *.bin files) at www.acom-bg.com. With just a few clicks you can upload a new firmware to the eBox.

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