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Acom 2000A HF Big Gun

Acom 2000A Big gun


Acom 2000A HF Big Gun

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Als u in deze webshop gaat afrekenen kunt u kiezen uit verschillende betaalmethoden.

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Acom 2000A HF Big Gun 3x Acom 2000A +Power combiner+mounting rack


For the man who have (nearly) everything.

Acom 3 x 2000A +An Amplifier combiner for 3 Acom 2000A Amplifiers

Complete Rack-mounted unit with combiner -powermeter and 3 Acom 2000A ore separate systems.

Componets available for existing 2000A owners.

Input 100 watt drive gives 5400 Watt output from 10-160m

Please contact us for price and availability

Weight complete: 155kg (310 lbs)

Power current: 230-240Volt max 32 Amp

One Combiner for 3 Acom 2000A call for the price

Delivery on request. Also on stock  for the old brown model Acom 2000A Call.

Rack housing for 3 Acom's 840,00 euro
Power Combiner for 3 Acom's 2359,00 euro

Delivery witout power cord.

Power:600 Watt Plus ( max 750 W).

Power Mosfet Transistors:Type MRFE6VP6300H (withstand high mismatch SWR).

High resolution color display:800x480 pixels and 24-bits colors.

Intermodulation distortions (IMD 3) better than 28dB (30dB typically) below the rated PEP output.

harmonic and parasitic emmissions output suppression better than 60dB (65dB typically).

Input and output impedances: Nominal value: 50Ohm unbalanced.

UHF (SO239) Type connectors.

Input circuit: Broadband, SWR below 1.2:1 (1.1:1 typically).

Frequency :1.8-54Mhz continous range without retuning or switching.

RF by-pass path SWR-below 1.1:1 from 1.8-54MHz.

Admissible SWR at the output load (the Antenna) up to 3:1 with proportional power reduction and up to 1.5:1 for full output power.

RF power gain: 14db+/-1dB ( typically 25W for 600W output power.

Mains power supply voltage:85-132V with 10A main fuses and 170-265V with 6,3A main fuses, 45-66Hz single phase.

Mains power consumption in Low Energy ( stand by mode) less than 1VA.

Temperature rqnge: -10 C to + 40 C ( 14 Fto 104 F).

Relative air humidity: up to 95- - 35 C ( 95 F).

Dimensions ( projections not included) and weight 12kg( 26,5 lbs).

(W x H x D) 330 x 165 x 380mm ( 13 x 6,5 x 15 ").

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Acom 2000A HF Big Gun

Acom 2000A HF Big Gun

ACOM Amplifier



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