Acom Remote Switch 2000SW/S

Acom 2000SW/S
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Acom Remote Switch 2000SW

Acom Remote Antenna Switch
Comes with 3m controle 7 wire cable and 1 connector cable for controler to Acom 2000

Very solid 10 to 1 antenna switch for outdoor use. Useable up to 60MHz, up to 5000 W (at good SWR). Hot switching protection, 4 Bit BCD selector signal, feedback signal. Protection degree IP53, wide temperature range, voltage supply 24 to 31VDC. Unused antenna inputs are grounded.

Including control unit ACOM-2000S. requires a 7 wire, shielded control cable sufficient (7x0,2mm). Up to a length of approx 35m (7x0,5mm) 125m length-180m 7x0,7mm. Longer distances require a larger cable gauge. Required connectors are included. The control unit is powered with 230V AC, no further power supply is required.

Operating Frequency :0 to 60Mhz
10x UHF type SO239 PTFE connectors
Power: 0 to 30MHz

5000W @ VSWR 1:1
2500W @ VSWR 2:1
1600W @ VSWR 3:1

Power up to 60MHz

3600W @ VSWR 1:1
1800W @ VSWR 2:1
1200W @ VSWR 3:1

Mismatch VSWR: for 0 to 1,8MHz better than 1.02:1
up to 30MHz -better than 1.08:1
up to 60MHz -better than 1.20:1

Crosstalk isolation: for 0 to 1,8MHz-better than -100dB
up to 30MHz -better than -70dB
up to 60MHz -better than -66dB

Operating time:Less than 0,15 seconds including bounces
Operating temerature range: -30 to + 60 0C
Protection from Water IP53

Total shipping weight 6kg ( products 4kg)

Shielded cable (7wire) 2,00 euro p/m
Connector 8 pin 12,50 euro a pice for controler and switch

You can direct connect it to the new RCU from the Acom 2000A included 2 cable and 1 adapter.

You can direct connected to the old RCU from the Acom 2000A with the 2 standard cable.

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