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Acom CI-V Serial CAT Cable Acom for 600S-700S-1200S

Acom TX kabels en onderdelen
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Acom CI-V Serial CAT cable for Icom 600S-700S-1200S


Acom CI-V Serial CAT cable TTL for Icom to Acom 600S-700S and Acom 1200S.

VGA connector 15 pin to 3.5mm Jack

Yuo can also call for wire instructions for div Transceivers

Extra to order:

When you buy the Acom Amplifier.Give you TX model

Icom do not provide BCD Band Data.

ACOM Transceiver to Amplifier Interface Cables are band changing data cables for connection only between specific Acom amplifier modern ICOM transceivers. These cables have been specially wired to provide transceiver frequency information to the amplifier for band changing only. ACOM-CIV-A700-1200 for Acom 1200S, 700S and 600S

IC-7000 IC-703 IC-706 IC-706MKII IC-706MKIIG IC-707 IC-7100 IC-718 IC-7200 IC-725 IC-726 IC-728 IC-729 IC-7300 IC-735 IC-736 IC-737 IC-738 IC-7400 IC-7410 IC-746 IC-746PRO IC-756 IC-756PRO IC-756PROII IC-756PROIII IC-7600 IC-761 IC-7610 IC-765 IC-7700 IC-775 IC-775DSP IC-7800 IC-781 IC-7850LE IC-7851 IC-9100

NOTE: These interface cables carry only data, not transceiver PTT amplifier keying signal. A separate transceiver to amplifier cable is always required for the transceiver PTT keying of all Acom amplifiers.

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