GB 10elm 144MHz Quad

GB 10elm 144MHz Quad
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GB 10elm 144MHz Quad

GB 10elm 144MHz Quad for Horizontal or Vertical mounting

Turning:2,20m ( 7ft)

Boom:3,80m (12ft) Aluminium ( 2 parts)

Wire Quad:Galv 1,6mm (14#)

Wire Dipole:Copper 1,6mm with PL connector

Glassfiber elements:8mm

Special mounting parts elements bolds and nuts:(20x) stainless steel

Resonantie Quad: 144.300 MHz

Direct feed: 50 OHm



Weight:5kg (10lbs)

Windload: 125kn


Mastmounting:Hot dipped steel

Tube mounting 50mm (2') electro galvanised steel

All mounting parts are from electro galvanised steel.

Stacking distance:1,85m

2 year warranty

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Fantastic antenna
I bought 4x10ele 144Mhz quads to use as an EME experiment and if they worked with satellites and Es, then it would be a bonus. The antenna is very well made, the boom is more than strong enough and has a proper jion in the middle so it can be joined to the mast at several different points and still be straight. Assembly was very quick and easy with a few small nuts and bolts to spare. SWR starts at 1:1 at the low end of 144Mhz and climbs to 1:1.7 at the high end of 145Mhz. I made no adjustment as I am happy with this ratio. I have worked several EME stations with only 50Watts Rf, I could make more QSOs with more power and I have worked stations up to 400Km away with a little help from TR propagation. The big bonus is satellite operation with just horizontal polarization. The extra dB gain of the quads means no loss of signal as the sat rotates and plenty of great reports. I have made more QSOs with the quads in one month than I did in 5 years with a 9ele x-pol yagi. The only problem I have with this antenna is I should have bought it years earlier! If you have any questions please leave a message for me on my page.

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