GB 8elm70cm-7elm144 MHz Quad

GB 8elm70cm+7elm144MHz Quad
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GB 8elm70cm-7elm144 MHz Quad


GB 8elm70cm+7elm144MHz Quad for Horizontal or Vertical mounting

Turning:1,50m ( 5ft)

Boom:2,05m (6,7ft) Aluminium (2 parts)

Gain:70cm 11db Rez at 430.000Mhz (430.000-440.000MHz)

F/B:70cm 20db

Elements: 8mm fiberglass

Wire Quad: copper tined 1,6mm (14#)

Dipole Quad: Copper 1,6mm

Coax connection: NC Type

Gain:144MHz12db Rez at 144.300MHz (144.000-146.000Mhz)

F/B:144MHz 20db

Elements: 8mm fiberglass

Wire Quad: Tined 1,6mm (14#)

Dipole Quad: copper 1,6mm

Coax connection: SO239 connector

Weight:6kg (12lbs)

Transport Box 2: 1x 1,20 and 1x 0,30 x0,30 x 0,20cm



Mastmounting: Hot dipped steel

Tube mounting :50mm (2') electro galvanised steel

Mounting parts are from electro galvanised steel.

All mounting parts from Stainless Steel extra cost :25,00 euro

2 Year Warranty

Transport cost outsite Netherlands Call (2box)

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