GB 5/8 3m 88-108MHz

GB 5/8 FM band
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GB 5-8 3m 88-108MHz


GB 5/8 FM Band (3m) Tunable top


SWR:<1:5:1 (1:1:1)



Radials:3 Aluminium rod

Material: Aluminium tube


Long:1,80m ( 6ft)

Weight:1,4kg ( 5lbs)

Band width:3MHz

We can set the antenne on frequency cost 55,00 euro, or you can do it yourself.

2 year warranty

Call for transport cost.

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GB 5/8 3m Vertikaal
Hello George, Thank you for the email and sorry for the delay of my answer but we only installed the antenna last Saturday. So far it works fine. 1:1 SWR and I also noticed that the range is further than with the 1/4 wave antenna. It is only 7.5meters above the ground and we have hills around here but it works fine and it will stay on the tower now until we have money for a higher tower or to buy the directional antennas from you. Thank you for the good service and greetings to Brielle, LX1MG Frank

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