GB 6 elm 225MHz

GB 6elm 225MHz
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GB 6 elm 225MHz

GB 6elm 225 MHz Frontmounting

Turing:1,50cm (5feet)

Elements:Aluminium 15mm ( 5/16')

Dipole: NC type

Boom: Aluminium1,20cm (3feet)

Gain:8,55dBd ( 10,7dBi)

F/B:40dBd (210-150gr)

F/S:35db (270-90gr)

Weight:4kg (8lbs)

Windload: 95kn


Mastmounting:50mm (1,3/4')

All montingparts from electro galvanised steel

Warranty:24 month

Call for more frequency, we make it for you

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