Broadcast  AM SSB T  Wire Antenna...
Broadcast  AM SSB T  Wire Antenna...
Broadcast  AM SSB T  Wire Antenna...
Broadcast  AM SSB T  Wire Antenna 3.5-30Mhz
Broadcast  AM SSB T  Wire Antenna 3.5-30Mhz
Broadcast  AM SSB T  Wire Antenna 3.5-30Mhz

Broadcast AM SSB T Wire Antenna 3.5-30Mhz

Broadcast AM SSB Draad Antenne 3,5-30MHz
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Broadcast Wire Antenna


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Broadcast AM SSB TEE wire Antenna from 250 watt PeP

This are make in 3wire

Give your TX Frequency on AM-SSB band and we make you a offer for your model.

Delivery time . call for pricing.

Designed for the MF bands, the MF “TEE” antenna has omnidirectional characteristics. The Tee antenna is a special type of vertical radiator in which the upper element is bent over. This enables a reasonable length of wire to be used without the need for using high masts. The direction of the electric field is no longer completely vertical but it has a strong horizontal pattern. The “Tee” antenna may be regarded as an inverted “L” type antenna in which the horizontal portion has been duplicated to increase the top capacitance to earth and keeps the vertical element further from the possible interference of the supporting masts.

TRU manufactures 3 wire arrays together with a range of antenna matchning units for all frequencies and power levels from 250W PeP 500W max 1000W.  These affordable medium frequency (AM) SSB antenna systems come complete with all hardware including spreaders, insulators.

We will design the antenna to be optimised on your frequency of operation

Our flagship model and all-round best performer to date is the BBA series of antennas. These antennas are highly efficient, and engineered to meet the exacting standards of professional users. Frequency range is specified according to useful gain (not only VSWR), and all components are validated for rated power. The Bushcomm BBA has the flexibility to suit a wide range of installation situations - between two purpose built towers at a professional site, in an inverted “V” configuration, or even between a tree and the back shed. 

Light yet sturdy construction ensures low total mass wind loading. The highest quality materials are used in construction, such as stainless steel wire and fittings, and UV resistant fibreglass rods, to produce an antenna that will survive the rigours of the outdoors for many years. There are many variants in the BBA family with sizes and power ratings to suit a wide range of applications.


  •  3.5-30mhz
  •  No tuner required
  •  S/S wire and fittings
  •  UV resistant rod & balun/load boxes
  •  Easy installation (instruction provided)
  •  Variation of length and power available
  •  Configurable in horizontal or inverted V
  •  Suitable for continuous data
  •  Power from 250 watt PeP
  • Technische parameters van HF320A drie-draad antenne:

    1. antenne type: HF320A 2. frequentiebereik (MHz): 3.5 ~ 30 3. Rated impedantie (Ω): 50 4. PER vermogen (w): 250 5. Wind weerstand (km / h): 210 6. antenne lengte (m): 20 7. antenne breedte (m): 0.65 8. Gain (dBi): 3 9. verpakking gewicht (kg): 2 10. staande golf verhouding (SWR): <2: 1

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