GB Antenne Kit Endfed

GB Antenne kit
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GB Antenne Kit Endfed


GB Endfed Antenna Kit for 10-15-20-40m(80m)

Power: 200Watt /350Watt SSB

All parts for making a Endfed Antenna with documentation for all the bands.

Power 200 watt Pep

For more power extra FT140-43 to mount to the balun (extra cost)

Parts to deliver:

1x PVC box ABS IP65 80x80x55mm

1x FT140-43 size:35,6x22,7x12mm (freq 40-400Mhz Inductance 885nH)

1x HF condensator 1Kv for the 10m band ( low SWR)

1x Chassis part SO239

3x Cable connector

1x Stainless steel bolt M6 (Antenna connection)

1x Set (2) wire 1mm for balun 1,30m long

1x Set wire for 40m Coil Spool from 6mtr

1x PVC tube+bolts+wingnuts for 40m coil 14cm long

Transport cost for Europe and outside Europe call

Warranty:2 Year


Extra: mounting box 115x90x55mm with SO239 connector with wire connector for FT240-43 ( price 14,95 euro)

Extra:Ferrit ring FT140-43 freq 40-400Mhz Inductance 885nH size 35,6x22,7x12mm (price 5,95 euro)

Extra:Ferrit ring FT240-43 freq 40-400Mhz Inductance 1075uH size 60x35,6x12mm (price 14,95 euro)

Extra: 1x PVC tube 19mm x 30cm long with bolts+wingnuts for 80m coil.(price 4,00 euro)

Extra: 1x PVC tube 19mm x 14cm long with bolts+wingnuts for 40m coil.(price 3,00 euro)

Extra: 1x Spool 23,00m 1mm copperwire for coil 80m (price 14,95 euro)

Extra: 1x Spool 6,00m 1mm copperwire for coil 40m(3,90 euro)

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