GB 3 Way Tower frame for flat roof mounting

GB Driepoot Dakmontage/Mobiel
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GB 3 way Portable Tower frame

GB 3 Way Tower for flatroof ore Portable mounting galvanized

Centre mounting for tube max 70mm

3 x mouting plate 1,50m ( 5ft)

Turing: 3,00m (10ft)

Weight:40kg (80lbs)

Price 422,29 euro transport 3 colli incl VAT

Option 1: Complete with mast 2,00m x60mm with 2 rotator platforms with 1x 3way guy clamp and with 3x wire and 3x turnbuckle

Radius:3,00m ( 10ft) till max height tower 7m ( 39ft)

Weight tower: 70kg (140lbs)

Max Antenna weight 90kg (180lbs)

Price: 699,00 euro excl VAT

Transport 4 colli

Extra option: Tube 60mm x3,00m : 99,00 euro

Option 2: HD model complete with 3 fix beams mounted to the mast and 2 rotator platforms

Mast tube: 3,00m x70mm

Radius: 4,00m ( 13ft)

Weight: 125kg ( 250lbs)

Max Antenna load: 150kg

Price: 895,00 euro excl VAT

Extra option: tube from 4,00m (13ft) inside for crank-up til 7,00m ( 22ft) Price: 100,00 euro

We make differnd models call for the price

Warranty 24 month

Please call for the transportcost

Special tower for WiFi 11m high for flat roof mounting

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Mast juist opgehaald bij George. Zag er keurig verzorgd uit. Gaan hem snel opzetten hier. Prima service !!!

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