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D2 Dynamic Studio Microfoon
D2 Dynamic Studio Microfoon
D2 Dynamic Studio Microfoon
D2 Dynamic Studio Microfoon
D2 Dynamic Studio Microfoon
D2 Dynamic Studio Microfoon
D2 Dynamic Studio Microfoon
D2 Dynamic Studio Microfoon

GAP D2 Dynamic Studio Microfoon

D2 Dynamische Studio Microfoon
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GAP D2 Dynamic studio microphone

GAP D2 Large Dynamic Microphone NOW ON STOCK from this sensation for ham operators for a low price. The D2 have the sound just between the SM7B and RE 20 Electro-Voice, Work better for DX and local than the PR781/PR40, and work also perfect with differend voice-processors ore EQ.

The D2 is a high quality dynamic microphone with a full bodied sound and an excellent transient response. It has a consistent cardioid polar pattern for a low off -axis coloration and a good rejection of unwanted sounds.
The D2 has a marked presence peak centered around 5 kHz for a forward and distinctive sound. Using the D2 close to the sound source results in a bass boost in the 75-300 Hz area due to the proximity effect which can help make voices and instruments sound fuller.
The three switches allows the user to adjust the frequency response. There are two switches for selecting two different bass rolloff filters and one switch for lowering the response in a frequency range centered around 5 kHz.
Equipped with an internal windscreen, an external pop filter will usually not be needed. The 5/8’ thread adapter in the stand adapter matches different stand gauges.
The D2 is a versatile microphone that will perform very well in many applications, in the studio, on stage and in broadcast applications, for speech/vocals and instruments like kick-drum and electric bass.
- High output dynamic cartridge for a big and powerful sound.
- A clear, distinct and full bodied sound with a presence peak for life-like vocals.
- Cardioid polar pattern that reduces feedback in live use.
- Three switches for tailoring the sound. - Rugged metal body
The D2 can be used with any standard mixer or preamp. Use either a XLR to XLR or XLR to 1/4” plug low impedance cable. Do not use the D2 with 48V phantom power engaged.
When mounting the D2 to the stand you may need to remove the threaded adapter from the mic holder, depending on the threading of the mic stand.
The D2 should point towards the sound source.
Be aware of the proximity effect (an increase in bass response) when the mic is close to the sound source). This can be a good or a
bad thing. You can adjust the bass response by changing the distance from the mic to the sound source for an optimum result in different applications.
You can also use the bass rolloff filters to lower or remove the bass boost:
- The switch to the left engages a bass roll off filter that is about 3 dB down at 120 Hz and 5 dB at 50 Hz.
- The switch in the middle engages a bass roll off filter that is about 3 dB down at 210 Hz and 10 dB at 100 Hz.
The switch to the right engages a filter that lowers a range centered around 5 kHz with a maximum of about 4 dB. This filter is active in about the same frequency range as the presence peak and therefore lowers it when it is engaged.
Do experiment with mic pla- cement and with the filters!
Cartridge type: Dynamic Polar pattern: Cardioid Frequency response: 50Hz - 20kHz Sensitivity:-52dB (0dB=1V/Pa@1kHz) Output impedance: 250 ohm: XLR connections
2 Year Warranty.
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GAP D2 studio microfoon
Heb al diverse merken gehad die in de amateur wereld worden gebruikt op de HF set, maar wat ik gehoord heb bij GB Audio overtreft zeker bijna alles zeker voor deze prijsklasse . Heb alle microfoons mogen testen in het lage en duurdere sigment. Maar met de hulp van George ben ik toch uitgekomen en de GAP D 2 meegenomen

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