GB 4elm 28MHz L

GB 4elm 28MHz L
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GB 4elm 28MHz L

GB 28-4elm Quad Light model with aluminium tube spiders

Fiberglass elements : 2 parts (3,3ft) 14mm-12mm (9/16'x 1/2')x 16

Turning:3,60m (11,8ft)

Boom Aluminium:4,80mx30mm (15,5ft- 1-9/16') square ( 3 parts) export model

SWR:1:1:1 on 28.250Mhz and SWR on 28,700Mhz 1:1:5




Weight:12kg (24lbs) (transport weight 15kg - 30lbs).


Power:PeP 500W Standard

Power:3kw PeP/1500W special connector (49,00 euro) EXTRA to order Quad parts

mastmounting:50mm (2')

Transportbox: 2,00m long (7ft)

Warranty 12 month

Call for Transportcost Europa/World

Also delivery in 4elm HD model((18kg-36lbs-Transport weight 23kg 46lbs 2 box) with steel spiders 499,00 euro see photo.

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