GB HF Quad 2elm 5band 10-12-15-17-20m

GB HF Quad 2elm 5band
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GB HF Quad 2elm 5band 10-12-15-17-20m

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GB HF Quad 2elm 5band 10-12-15-17-20m with option 4elm 6m

Turning: 3,30m ( 10'6')

Boom:2,50m (8,20ft)

Fiberglass rod 2 parts :4,00m (13ft)




VSWR:1:1:1 on Rez max 1:5:1

Windload:6f/2 (.55m2)

Weight:32kg ( 64lbs) Transport weight 39kg 78lbs

Warranty 24 month


Boom Aluminium 60mm (2 3/8')

Aluminium boom to mastplate (OPTION) with car clamps

Hot Dipped Galvanized Spiders:2 st

Special wireholders:40 st

Adjust Reflector stubs:5

Fiberglass Spreaders: 8 st long 4,00m (13ft) diam 32-26mm (1 1/4'x 1 1/16')

Stainless steel clamps elements:16 st ( 2 for element)

Special Aluminium antenna wire 14# 1,6mm : 2 spool 100m (200m)

EXTRA TO ORDER: Look at Quad parts on the website.

Heavy Duty Galvanized Mastplate with clamps : 79,00 euro ( mastmounting 50mm (2')

GB Transformer Quad 5 band to singel feed coax Quad : 135,00 euro 1,5kw PeP max

GB 5 band 1/4 golf coax stubs RG11 with PL connector

GB 5 x singel feed HP 3kw pep connector (PL type)

4 elm 6m Quad :169,00 euro with standard 500W pep connector for more power see Quad parts.

Transport Box:2

Box 1: 2,50m x0,20x0,20cm

Box 2: 0,50x0,50x0,50cm

Call for the transport cost

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I did buy the GB 5/2 Quad model with the 4 el. 6 m add-on. As I did personally pick up the antenna in Brielle/Netherlands I can´t tell anything about shipping. The antenna went together perfectly and the material as well as the workmanship is of high quality. I did have a German Quad 10 years ago and by comparison the mechanical as well as the technical design of the GB Quad is definately far better. That said, the GB Quad is an obvious successor of the legendary US made "Lightning Bolt" Quad which is no longer available since quite some time. There are only some rather negligible differences as far as I can tell. A great solution are the wire holders as well as the aluminium alloy 1,6 mm wire. Once cut and handled correctly it does a super fine job. The fibreglas tubing fits into one another super well and the boom as well as the HD boom/mast plate are really solid. The antenna comes with all needed instructions and the manual is held in both metric and US messures. Infact, the original Lightning Bolt manual is part of the instruction sheets. I do feed the Antenna with single feeding lines for either of the bands, using an 8x remote switch. After the first tests the Quad performs super well. SWR is no issue and the F/B and F/S performance is really outstanding. The GB Quad is definately is a great performing antenna! Georg, DK7LX

ben zeer tevreden met antenne werkt perfect op de banden en zeer goede resultaten groeten on3sta

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