GB Aluminium tube Round

GB Aluminium tube Round

GB Aluminium buizen
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GB Aluminium tube Round


New prices 2023 call for the new prices from tubes This are not the correct prices from tubes

GB Round Tube differend size and lenght from 1,00m till 3,00m

Wall size 1mm x1000mm

10x8x1mm p/m 6,95 euro

12x10x1mm p/m 7,25 euro

13x11x1mm p/m 7,55 euro

Wall size 1,5mm x1000mm

15x12x1,5mm p/m 6,95 euro

16x13x1,5mm p/m 7,20 euro

18x15x1,5mm p/m 7,40 euro

19x16x1,5mm p/m 8,60 euro

20x17x1,5mm p/m 8,95 euro

22x19x1,5mm p/m 9,30 euro

25x22x1,5mm p/m 9,90 euro

Wall size 2mm x 1000mm

20x16x2mm p/m 8,90 euro

22x18x2mm p/m 9,95 euro

25x21x2mm p/m 10,15 euro

30x26x2mm p/m 10,40 euro

35x31x2mm p/m 10,70 euro

40x36x2mm p/m 11,90 euro

45x41x2mm p/m 12,90 euro

50x51x2mm p/m 13,90 euro

55x51x2mm p/m 24,50 euro

60x56x2mm p/m 28,50 euro

Transportcost outside Nederlands In Europe 1 with TNT max lenght 1,60m

Till 2kg 

Till 5kg 


Till 20kg 

Till 30kg 

Transport cost longer than 1,60m till 2,00m with GLS Transport company call for price for your country.

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