RFI Ferroxcube 3S4 for RG213

Ringkern RG213
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RFI Ferroxcube 3S4 for RG213

Ferroxcube 3S4 for make your RF choke for on coaxcable RG213 ore Rotator cable.

Outside diameter: 19mm
Inside diameter: 10,6mm
Height: 11,5mm

Ferrit Permeabiliteit: 1700 (3S4)

Impedance: 25MHz-50 Ohm :100MHz-75Ohm
Impedance by 10 ferrit rings:1,8Mhz-200Ohm;3,5MHz-270Ohm;7MHz-330Ohm;14MHz-445Ohm;21MHz-545Ohm;28MHz-600Ohm

Advice for 160m 40 ferrit rings;80-40m 30 rings;20-10m 20 rings;6-4m 15 rings

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