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Transmitting Tube EL509

Transmitting Tube EL509 Russian 6P45C

Zendbuis EL509

Transmitting Tube EL509

Transmitting Tube EL509/6P45C/Svetlana for replacement Russia model.

This tubes are ready to go.

I you have NOS tubes for Replacement you must put for 12 hr on pin 4 and 5  a 6Volt DC current on (2,5amp)

Than you can put this into the amplifier.

Or put it into the amplifier without the high voltage on just the normal current in standby mode for 12 hr, than you can put the HV on the tube.

Test with littel power drive de output power.

Tube information:

Size Long:124,7mm
Wide: 39,7mm
8 Pin connection
Anode cap connection 6mm

For KLV 200-350-400-1000-1000P Amplifier
BV 2001 MK4 Zetagi

Sale 1 tube, for 2 you need 2 to order.

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