Electron Tube 4CX1000A-FU-100F new

Electron Tube 4CX1000A-FU-100F new

Electron tube 4CX1000A-FU-100F
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Electron tube 4CX1000A-FU-100F



Replacement tube 4CX1000A/8168.Ceramic Power Tetrode,( You can put this direct into your Acom Amplifier)

For the Acom 1500 - 2100 ore for different amplifiers.

Peak output power 1630Watt 3000Vdc at 30 MHz

Maximum working frequency 110MHz

Forced air cooling

Filament Voltage 6 +0.3V

Filament Current 9A

DC anode voltage 3000V

DC grid no.2 voltage 400V

DC anode current 1.0A

DC grid no.2 dissipation 12W

Anode dissipation: 1000W

Grid: no.1 dissipation 1.0W

Dimensions: max Height 122mm+Diameter 85,5mm

Weight: 840g

Warranty: 3mnd

Transport cost outside europe call

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