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Transmitting Tubes GU74B NOS

Zendbuizen GU74B NOS
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Transmitting Tubes GU74B NOS

Transmitting Tubes GU74B NOS (4CX800A) frequency 1,6-54MHz 800watt ( max 150Mhz).

For Acom 1000-1010-Alpha-Alpin-Eto- Emtron and more amplifiers.

(The GU74B are ready to go, don't forget to tune the Bias for the new tube, also we have test the tube for power).

Also for differnd Amplifiers.

For Acom 1000 are this 240Ma. Bias

Photo just for show.

We have differnt Yaers.

Type:GU74B Direct from tube supplier.

Warranty:3mnd on factory mistake

ACOM have big stock for years (GU74B)

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Name: GU74B / GU-74B = 4CX800
Type: tetrode
Cathode type: oxide, indirect heating
Application field: power amplification in broadcasting and SSB equipment
Brief application: amplification
Envelope: metall-ceramic
Cooling method: forced air
Dimensions: 90mm x 71mm
Mass: 0.55 kg
Filament voltage: 12.6 V
Filament current: 3.3 - 3.9 A
Mutual conductance: 26 to 38 mA/V
Output power: 0.8 kW
Maximum anode voltage: 2kV/4kV in peak
Maximum operating frequency: 150MHz

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