CH 3-500 C -ZG-

CH 3-500 C -ZG-

CH3-500 C (ZG)

CH 3-500 C -ZG-



New CH3-500C (ZG) Tube

3-500 C (ZG) Power tube

Anode Volts: 4000V

Heater Volts: 5V

Grid Volts: 0 Grounded Grid

Anode Current: 400mA

Heater Current:14,5A

Anode Dissipation:500W (graphite)

Input (Kathode-Grid): 7,4pF

Output (Grid-Anode): 4,1pF

Warranty 3 mnd on factory mistake

Delivery verry soon , pre order are the best way .

Also delivery into MP 3-500C (ZG) 560,00 euro

Call for the insurance transport cost

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