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Yaesu FTDX-10 HF +6m+4m 100 watt
Yaesu FTDX-10 HF +6m+4m 100 watt
Yaesu FTDX-10 HF +6m+4m 100 watt

Yaesu FTDX-10 HF +6m+4m 100 watt

Yaesu FTDX10-6m/4m

Yaesu FTDX10


YAESU FTDX-10 :HF+SDR-160-50MHz /70MHz

Delivery about 1/2 December 2020 you can make a pre-order for the transceiver

Price are about 1798,00 euro +/-  this  price are depence from the transport and inport cost.

HF/50MHz 100W SDR Transceiver
Radio Features:
- HF/50MHz band 100W Transceiver
- Hybrid SDR configuration utilizing a Narrow Bandwidth SDR, and a Direct Sampling SDR
- Narrow Band SDR enables Phenomenal Multi-signal Receiving characteristics (2kHz RMDR 116dB+, 2kHz BDR 141dB+, 2kHz 3rd IMDR 109dB+)
- Down conversion, 9MHz IF Roofing Filters produce Excellent Shape Factor
- 250 MHz HRDDS (High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer) Ultra Low-Noise Local-Oscillator System
- 15 Separate Powerful Band Pass Filters (BPF)
- High-quality and Super-Stable Final Amplifier utilizing the new push-pull MOSFET RD70HUP2 " - 5-inch Full Colour Touch Panel and 3DSS (3-Dimensional Spectrum Stream) Display"
- MPVD (Multi-Purpose VFO Outer Dial) enables Outstanding Operating Performance
- Quick Memory Bank (QMB)
- Supports CW operation with multiple functions such as: CW zero-in, CW Auto zero-in, CW Reverse, CW decode, CW keying Signal form Shaping by FPGA and others
- RTTY (FSK)/ PSK Encode/Decode Function
- Other practical features such as Optional RF Gain Selection by IPO. Automatic Gain Control, Quick Split Function
- SD Card Slot
- Remote Operation via Internet with optional LAN-Unit (SCU-LAN10)
Supplied Accessories:
Microphone SSM-75E
DC Power Cable w/Fuse
Spare Fuse
6.3mm 3-contact Plug
Operating Manual

Frequency Ranges:
RX 30kHz - 75MHz (Operating)
1.8MHz - 29.699999MHz (Specified performance, Amateur bands only)*
*5.1675/5.332/5.348/5.3585/5.373/5.405MHz (US only), 5.351500-5.366500MHz (EU only)/ 5.25000-5.406500 (UK only)
50MHz - 53.999999MHz (Specified performance, Amateur bands only)
70MHz - 70.499999MHz (Specified performance, UK Amateur bands version only)
TX 1.8 – 54MHz (Amateur bands only)
70MHz - 70.49999MHz (UK only)
Modulation Type:
Frequency Stability:
±0.5ppm (32°F to +122°F/0℃ to +50℃, after 1min)
Supply Voltage:
DC 13.8V ±15%
Circuit Type:
Double-Conversion Superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies
1st IF 9.005MHz
2nd IF 24kHz
RF Power Output:
5W - 100W (CW, LSB, USB, FM, RTTY, PKT)
5W -25W (AM)
Case Size (W x H x D):
10.47 x 3.58 x 10.35(inch) / 266 x 91 x 263 (mm) *Protruding parts not included
Weight (Approx.):
13lbs/ 5.9kg

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