Icom 4 pin XLR naar RJ45

Icom 4 pin XLR naar RJ45

Icom CC-1-IM 4pin xlr rj45
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Icom CC-1-Im 4 pin xlr rj45


Microphone adapter cable CC-1-IM for amateur radio, XLR4 to ICOM, 8-pin modular, w/Mono 1/4 in. Female jack for PTT. The XLR connector's quick-disconnect feature lets you easily move your microphone from transceiver cable to transceiver cable, at the microphone end, without having to rewire a boom or remove any connectors from the transceivers.

Additionally, all audio cables are wired through to support vox operation. Cable length is 8 feet.

This microphone adapter cable is suitable for the following Icom amateur radio model:

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